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Survey Findings

The purpose of this survey is to find out the current trend of monitor used and the preferences of computer users in buying a monitor. The preference will indicate the future trend of monitor used.

Survey summary:
This survey is targeted to the undergraduates of NUS and its teaching staffs. A total of 100 people had completed the survey and the results of the survey are as follows.

        Generally, 65.57% of the respondents are between the age of 21-30; 31.53% respondent of the age below 20 and 0.90% of the age 31-40. More than half of the respondents are female which stood a percentage of 58.56% and the rest 41.44% are male. Most of the respondents are students and the others range from lecturer, QA technician, software engineer and so on.

        Out of 110 completed surveys, 41.82% of respondents earn a salary of below $1000. And 41.82% of them are unemployed. 12 respondents earn around $1000-$2000 and 4 respondents earn about $2000-$3000 and 1.82% of them earns a better pay around $4000-$5000

        Most of the respondents have only 1 desktop which stood a total percentage of 55%; 30% of them have 2 desktops; 7% have 3; 3% have 4, 2% have more than 5 and the rest 2% did not have a desktop at home or at workplace.

        Currently, most people are still using the CRT (58.04%) and the reason behind this is that CRT is the traditional form of display before LCD technology (36.61%) had been officially used. Hence, unless the monitor is spoilt or people wanted to change a new monitor, most people would still be using the CRT type of monitor. Though LCD is fairly a new technology, it can be seen that the percentage of people using LCD is quite high about 36.61% and is closed to the percentage of CRT  type of monitor used, 58.04%. This is closed to replacing CRT type of monitor. However, there are 5.36% of respondents do not know the type of display they are using. Therefore we hope they can learn more about the display technology used through this website.

        From the survey, most people placed cost factor as the most important criteria in choosing a monitor (55%) as most users are only willing to spend below $400 to buy a monitor; followed by resolution (28%) and screen size (27%) of which screen size of 17 is most preferred and generally affordable. The least important factors are the physical size (32%) and extra features of the display (50%). We deduced that this trend is observed as monitor is just a means of graphic and text output. Hence, one may not wish to spend  much on the monitor as long as they can just use it. Other features that people look into when buying a monitor are design, warranty period, durability, refresh rate, viewing angle, clarity of images, and reputation of a particular brand. There are a variety of the brand of monitors used. At the moment, most people are using the brand, Philips.

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