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LCD type monitors are becoming very popular, mainly because they have great space and energy saving advantages over CRT monitors. CRT and LCD monitors are based on completely different technologies, and thus have quite different display characteristics.

If cost is a major factor to consider when buying a monitor then one should compare the long term cost rather than the up-front cost of the monitor. Though CRT monitors are generally more affordable than LCD monitors, they consume more energy than a LCD. In the past LCD monitors have been very expensive but their costs have come down quite a bit in the last 1-2 years. An LCD monitor will cost more up front but will conserve energy in the long run. The energy savings may not be much for an individual user, but in terms of a corporation, where 50 displays are in use, the energy savings might be more of an issue.

As people are becoming more health conscious, they might prefer LCD rather than CRT type of monitor as CRT monitors are known to emit harmful radiation, whereas LCD monitors do not.

Another thing is that if OLED were to overcome the problem of shorter life span compared to LCD and other shortcomings,  it will be able to compete with LCD as the preferred monitor due to its lower cost and higher resolution.

Hence, though now people LCD is becoming popular, the future of OLED as the next preferred monitor looks bright as once the short comings are overcome, even if LCD managed to find other ways to reduce its production price, the price could not be compared to OLED. Gas plasma, as it is very expensive, it will be difficult for it to be commonly used.


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