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Colour Properties

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Colour Properties

The three basic properties of colours are hue, saturation and value.

Hue: It is the first property of colour. It is the perceptual attribute associated with elementary colur names. Hue enable use to identify basic colours such as blue, green, yellow, red and purple.

Saturation: It is the degree of colour intensity associated with a colour’s perceptual difference from a white, black or grey of equal brightness. Saturation, unlike brightness, determines how ‘colourful’ a colour is. A highly satuated colour will be vibrant, like fluorescent yellow, whereas a completely desaturated will be grey.

Value: It corresponds to how much light appears to be reflected from a surface in relation to nearby surfaces. It refers to the luminosity of colour. A given colour can be either bright or dark. It is the most important attribute in making contrast more effective.


Figure 19: A saturation/value slice of a specific hue

To have a better understanding of what hue, saturation and value are, click on the following link to find out more.


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